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Archives » Error submitting new custom image
Fritjof Blom

I'm trying to submit a custom image; however, I keep getting the error "No Image Submitted. Please check the files or make sure you have enough cps".

I have enough cps and the files were submitted. Could the fact I'm submitting from my tablet cause this?


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First, do you have proof the image was already accepted? It might still be in the queue.

Fritjof Blom

It has not been accepted. I'm trying to submit a new custom image from some images files.


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Year 17 Day 86 15:00
Okay, I see what you are saying now, apologies.

I do not know if it is because you are using a tablet, but it could be an issue. Try doing it on a computer and see if it does the same thing, and if so there are other potential causes.

Year 17 Day 86 18:30
Kendall Holm

Check your browser. Chrome has been having issues uploading images lately and other files for that matter. So it def could be with other browsers as well


Year 17 Day 90 13:51
Fritjof Blom

Turns out something was wrong with the images. After I opened it up in an image editor before saving it the two images submitted just fine.

I apologise to the art team for the picture of a lenny face I submitted before when I was seeing if other images would work.


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