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Hello all. I am new to the Combine, just registered and I have still not created my character. I have been thinking on creating a Gand. What now concerns me is choosing a Gand sounding name. To that end, I went to Wookieepedia and collected a list of 19 Gand names. Based on them, I built "R'Kayvyss Qoukiir" as my Gand name. It's basically built by taking syllables from the various names and put them together. However, I'm worried about the rule forbidding special characters on names. I may rationalize my choice saying that the apostrophe is not a special character here since it's part of the name building patterns that have been already used for Gand names; but I want to be sure of that.

Is "R'Kayvyss Qoukiir" okay as a Gand name?

Pretty sure quotation marks are okay. Although the convention appears to be the ` mark - apostrophe I guess. e.g. Aria T`Dashi Bouma Ga`Mon Mesh`la Daryc Prard`aga Rono Rael sul C`an Victor O`Cuinn

On my US QWERTY keyboard it's where the tilde is just above the Tab key.


So then the name would be "R`Kayvyss Qoukiir". That's okay.

Rennek Cor

Yes that looks fine sir


The reason that ` is preferred over ' is that the latter can cause issues in the code which means that weird things can crop up (pretty sure I had one guy I tried to contact with an ' but the message system kept breaking because of it).



Okay then. I just submitted the name for review and approval. Thanks.

' doesn't cause issues if properly escaped, but unfortunately a lot of our older code is lazy.