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Archives » Do stats wipe when selecting a new race?
Purely out of curiosity :)



>All about Zizo here<
Yes, you get a skill reset. It's one of the reasons many people change every time there's a new race.

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Ah ok, thanks!

Any removals of XP and resources?



>All about Zizo here<
I've got a question:

I know you keep your cyber implants when you change to a new race. But how exactly do the implants add their bonuses?

For example, a Ranged Combat Implant adds 2 levels to your Projectile Weapons skill. But do they add those levels immediately upon your first round of skill point assignments, meaning before you assign any refunded level skill points?

If you had added your implant in your previous race when you had PW of 3, for example, your implant would increase your PW skill 2 levels up to 5, giving you the equivalent of 7 skill points, a fabulous bargain (for the cost and the risk, of course).

But let's say you only raised your PW to 2 when changing to this new race: would your implant then take over immediately and raise your PW to 4? Does that mean if you want the same level of bonus you had before, that your should raise whatever skill your implant was affecting up to 3, before your exit the primary skill assigning phase?



Yes, Belloq.


Srota Ron
Does it also reset FS probability? Since it can change the % chance and all.


Just be wary that the cybernetic bonus does not show while assigning your initial skill points. Race bonus does, but cybernetic bonus does not - I messed up once because of that and had 4+2 strength for the last ~year.

Edit for Lucien's question: It only resets force probability for your future re-rolls, so it'll use your new race's % when you hit your next re-roll level (6, 11, etc.).

Edited By: Tomas O`Cuinn on Year 17 Day 94 20:33

Alright, thanks. Was wondering since it gave a free skill reset if it also gave a free FS roll for the non-FS if you're lvl 1/6/etc.


Thanks for all the info, people!



>All about Zizo here<
It only gives a skill reset because otherwise some of your skills will no longer cost the same as you race bonuses are since a skill of 3 doesn't give you the same skill points as buying it afterwards.


How long do we have to switch over to being a Mirialan?

Stephanie Barefoot

How long do we have to switch over to being a Mirialan? 

I would presume until the next new race is found.

14 days >.>

Edited By: Kathlen Stewart on Year 17 Day 97 10:51

Year 17 Day 97 10:33
14 days from reveal.

Is there a Rules page dedicated to this? Cursory search found the discussion threads, but not an actual Rules Page.

Stephanie Barefoot

Wow, that is surprising. I was sure people were changing into Whiphid's months after they were revealed initially.

Guess a couple of weeks feels like a couple of months on combine. ;)

You do not get a FS reroll, but your FS roll on your next schedule reroll level (6, 11, 16, etc.) will obviously reflect your then-current race's FS probability percentage.

Simkin Dragoneel

There is a rules section about it. Will edit in when home.

It is 14 days, no more and no less. ;)

Edit - Race Rules Link

"The only exception to this is that if a new race is discovered in the galaxy, you will have the option for fourteen days following its discovery to change to that race."

This was discussed to death during the Amani race change and is the reason why Belloq and others do not like me :P

Edited By: Simkin Dragoneel on Year 17 Day 97 22:26

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