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Archives » Are handled shields implemented?
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Devs and Designers do the best they can to communicate with the community about what the priority projects are, as well as the status and functionality of features. These Question threads pick up the slack for people who choose not to (or have difficulty) read(ing) the provided communications, but those resources still remain your best options, and should not be actively ignored.

@Kathlen I'd rather a repetitive/redundant reference to the Rules pages/SimNews posts in answers given than just the answer. Changes the tone from 'You should know this' to 'Here's how I found this out'... 'Teach a man to fish' and the like. I like Syn's post for that reason. Maybe someone doesn't know about the priority flowcharts.

Rules pages are drafted with the best of intentions, but often are out of date and/or unclear. They're all there to be read, though, not just ignored. There's lots of pertinent and sometimes interesting things to be found in the Rules pages, and often where you have a question, the answers are found there, on the forums, in the SimNews, and/or on the Guide.

At large members of the community can't necessarily help code or write scripts or do art, but they can contribute in many other important (albeit also dull) ways, including but not limited to identifying rulespage/guide deficiencies and submitting rewrites/updates for them. EDIT: And certainly part of that is the review and posting of answers in the Questions Forum, the New Players' Forum, etc.

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Year 17 Day 100 12:30
I will agree, I like Syn's post. I think my irritation came in the posts along the lines of "just one more thing that doesnt work in this game."

All of the things you mentioned are things I can not do :p Thats why I tend to check this forum over to see if I can help where needed.


Year 17 Day 100 14:01
Ethan, I always go to the rules before even thinking to ask a question. Most all answers can be found there.

Year 17 Day 101 8:34
Crane Baxa

All I can say is give Coders some time. If you bite at them, i can assure you they will take their sweet time at what you are arguing for...trust me. As for the Wrath of the Coders...I now want to see something of an event like that!


Year 17 Day 101 10:57
Ethan Travis

Javon, I know, I was just trying to make a bad joke :)


''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''
Year 17 Day 101 16:46
Joshua Hyperlight

Kathleen, all i can say is that i have read the rules extensively, i have been doing so for quite some time - so it's not like people realize these things without reading beforehand.
What my deal is if the shields give you zero armor, then why does it say they give you 5 or 6 armor? Why even give it a value until it has been coded. That right there is the source of confusion, and if the shield was listed as having 0 armor, no one would be confused when it gives you zero armor. Any time i have gotten confused by the rules it has been a case where something is stated and it later proves to not work or is unimplemented.


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Year 17 Day 101 17:59
The rules page pulls the item attributes directly. The items are set to have an armor value in the database, and therefore it displays on the rules. It's the same as with ship stats. Ships have hull and armor set despite the fact those attributes aren't implemented anywhere for those entities. In fact, they are largely placeholder stats that serve only to provide some relative comparison (some of that may change, but this way you can tell that X is meant to offer more defense than Y).



Year 17 Day 102 6:40
Joshua Hyperlight

yeah, i understand the placeholder thing, but it still trows me through a loop sometimes. I wasn't trying to complain, just point out what i find to be confusing as someone who just picked this up a couple of months ago - but i'm getting the hang of it, and i'm sure once GC gets implemented, those shields will be worth having. So no worries.


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