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Year 17 Day 101 12:57
I thought I read somewhere that a faction or independent manufacture can use a custom image for an entire production run.

Am I correct or mistaken?

Year 17 Day 101 13:16
Ethan Travis

Only faction can use.


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Year 17 Day 101 13:49
Charlena Halo

A faction leader (or anyone with makeover privs I believe) can upload an image for faction DC's. Anyone producing the item in that faction can set the image to be used for production. Once items are unpacked from crates, they display the custom image. If they are re-crated, the image disappears. Not sure if this works with ships or vehicles yet, I'll be trying that in the next week or so.


Year 17 Day 102 5:58
Only faction leaders last I knew

Year 17 Day 102 6:15
Blot Hlidskjalf

Ships did not work.
Since the custom image shows at the production screen of the shipyard, the inventory still shows the default image. After the construction finished the ship has the default image.

Year 17 Day 102 11:16
As far as I am aware, the process is intended to be:

1 Faction owns a DC (e.g Ship DC)
2 Faction leader pays CP to submit a "NEW" Custom image to be owned by Faction DC and selected dropdowns for the the Ship DC they own.
3 It gets approved, and thereby becomes the DC image whenever it is assigned for production.
- Specifically, you should see it when you click "Change Image" on the add-to-production-queue screen, and see both the new "Custom" Image, and the Default DB image to choose instead.

As far as I know, the process of adding that Faction DC image adds a "custom" image just to that owned DC. It would not, for example, permit any given production faction to upload a custom Battle Armour DC (which only Govs get) and produce custom Battle Armours. A Gov would have to submit/apply the custom image to their DC, and then assign that DC for production.

Dev has some issues with the Custom request process and DB images right now, so it's not something I can test to flesh out or confirm a bug report.

Charlena: Please document whatever you can test regarding this. Whatever appears broken or 'lacking' as a feature can be submitted into a Bug Report (Search first, cause it sounds familiar), and/or a Suggestion. As far as Suggestions go, It'd probably be nice to have the ability for the Faction Leader to spend CPs to change the Faction DC custom image, instead of having to re-upload & get approved a new one each time. I do not think the Datacard objects are set up to accept multiple custom images, so best you can probably get is the ability to change the Datacard's image (and therefore all the entities produced therefrom afterwards). That might involve Suggesting that the dropdown for Entity Type include "Faction DC" and select the ID (ID is viewable from the Datacard Details page under Faction Inventory sidebar. http://www.swcombine.com/members/datacards/index.php/index/details?datacard=14:DCIDGOESHERE

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 17 Day 102 11:21
Year 17 Day 102 11:23
Charlena Halo

As far as I know, the process of adding that Faction DC image adds a "custom" image just to that owned DC. It would not, for example, permit any given production faction to upload a custom Battle Armour DC (which only Govs get) and produce custom Battle Armours.  

Actually, we can produce battle armor with custom images no problem. I think as long as a faction can produce that item, they can use customs for it.

I will make sure I document the ship production with customs and see what happens.


Year 17 Day 102 11:48
"Actually, we can produce battle armor with custom images no problem"
To be clear, as leader of your non-gov production faction, you have submitted and gotten approved a Faction DC custom image for Battle Armour, which you can select when some gov assigns their DC to your faction? Or is it how as I think it works, you've gotten a Gov to upload the custom image and they've assigned the DCs for you?

I've seen the Ship Custom DC image work before with the method I described, but it was from Mandal Motor's PES which might have been applied by the Admins as a favour way back when.

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 17 Day 102 11:50
Year 17 Day 102 12:49
Charlena Halo

I uploaded the images myself, as part of a non-gov production faction. A Gov then assigned the DC's to our factories and we are able to produce the Battle Armor with the custom images applied.


Year 17 Day 103 6:02
It used to be linked to the DC itself Kay - since DCs had unique IDs, the images were direct linked to the ID number and would only apply to that specific DC instance. Nowadays the customs are owned by the factions, and can be applied any time they get any uses of the DC. Or it 'should' work like that, could always be bugged/broken.

Year 17 Day 103 7:12
Neat. *The More You Know...*

That would explain why it worked for the Mandal Motors' PES and not necessarily for other people.

So does that mean a faction can no longer CP-buy / link a set of images to a DC they own and assign it out with the custom image applied?

Year 17 Day 106 10:38
Year 17 Day 107 2:18
Does that mean that if a faction gets a DC assigned they can get a custom image for their use for that DC? If so how would you go about doing that?


Year 17 Day 107 6:36
It means that isn't possible now. That said faction's leader would upload a Faction DC for that entity, and when they are manager of a facility to which any DC of that entity is assigned, the custom image should show up for selection.

Once Charlene does some testing, a bug report can be searched for / filled out if the Ship/Vehicle stuff doesn't work. I'm personally in favour of the Old system of attaching a custom image to a DC, but the flexibility is nice for Items.

EDIT: Somehow missed a key word in Elias' question.

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 17 Day 108 6:17
Year 17 Day 108 4:48
If I am correct (And Kay, please correct me once you guys learn it on dev, I would love to be reporting the right thing):

Ellias, you can submit your own images for a given DC, and if you are given uses you can apply it when you produce.

Year 17 Day 109 6:36
Charlena Halo

Just started production this morning. So far I was able to select the custom image for the corona and it showed up in the production screen. I'll update when the retooling finishes and the ship shows up in the inventory.

photo Capture2_zps5rhm6ryy.png
photo Capture1_zpswyno3b8c.png
photo Capture3_zpsq2ubfn06.png


Year 17 Day 109 8:57
Ichiru Hanabusa

update again when production finishes, last i heard anything not crated at end of production loses the production custom on completing

Year 17 Day 109 10:02
Just wanted to say thanks to you all who are testing this. It's something I've been wanting to do for a while now but I kept hearing conflicting reports on if it actually worked or not. Will be great to get a definitive answer on the intricacies of the system once and for all.



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Year 17 Day 110 10:43
Charlena Halo

Well, the image went back to stock once production started.

photo Capture4_zps3yfjda9f.png

I will work on filling out a bug report for this today.


Year 17 Day 110 10:56
Charlena Halo

Bug report submitted.



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