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Archives » difference between Nova and Nova crystals?
Echinsu Ocha

As I remember, there wasn't a difference, but now it seems like there is.

Nova is a raw material.

Nova Crystals are an item produced by Krath as an inflated currency.

Echinsu Ocha

That's what I just saw, but I remember using Nova as currency back in the day, like when krath started it all. I use to buy ships with Nova material on center point marketplace.now I just saw it is equipable as crystal.what year did that start?

Blot Hlidskjalf

CPM never accepted the raw material as currency.
There were always credits and when Krath got the Nova Crystal, CPM added it as an option for payments.

Echinsu Ocha

Lol, I payed with Nova. Guess the person that accepted was unaware.it was back in year 11 I think.

Venari Haliat


He was buying the mineral for the mineral.


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Echinsu Ocha

Um, that was a listing I bought. I did use those to buy a ship.
Good job finding that listing, now I am sure about it.

Edited By: Echinsu Ocha on Year 17 Day 103 2:17
Echinsu Ocha

No worries tho. I wasn't the fool then,and now I won't be again.ty

When we started the NC currency, we did initially just use piles of Nova RM in some warehouses, set into piles of 1, 5 and 10. However very early on the admins granted us the NC item and we switched to that instead. Maybe a month or two until that happened. It was only once we had the item and got that setup that we went into wider advertisement for them etc.