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Year 17 Day 107 9:31
Last Friday, I requested the creation of a custom NPC. I filled out the requested information, but I didn't upload an image, hoping to use one of the images you have on the server. The system said it submitted the NPC order, but then said I didn't submit an image. Fearing being charged twice for two NPCs, I didn't do anything further. Sunday came and went; the NPC wasn't created. I guess the order for the Custom NPC didn't go through. I'm thinking on saving the image I want to my computer and then upload it during NPC creation, but I wonder whether or not this is okay. I don't see how it is not, but I want to ask anyway. Is it?

Thank you.



Year 17 Day 108 4:57
Seems somewhat of a waste of server space, reuploading existing images, but if thats the image you want then that is what you will have to do. You cannot submit a custom NPC request without an image.

Year 17 Day 108 12:01
Okay. Thanks for your reply. I'll do that.



Year 17 Day 114 5:55
Hello again, I have another question on custom NPCs. The CP Exchange page says:
Custom NPCs come with the ability to generate custom NPC Conversations scripts. Cost is 500 CPs. You are allowed three a week and will be accepted every Sunday (boldface mine). Must be bought in a Workers Compound 

Well, Sunday came and went, but no custom NPC was created, nor any word from the NPC team. Does this just mean the NPC team didn't saw the custom NPC requests, or does it mean something else? Will it be accepted?



Year 17 Day 114 6:33
Naomi Felian

Be patient, sometimes the people who are on the NPC team are on leave or whatever so they can't tend to the requests. Don't panic just because it wasn't accepted right away

Year 17 Day 115 3:11
I don't know why that Sunday thing was added since that has never been the case. I generally look at custom NPCs on an unscheduled schedule, since a) there aren't that many requests that often and b) adds some uncertainty in when they will be spawned to prevent the whole spawn an army thing that some might want to try.