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Year 17 Day 145 15:38
If we order a custom NPC and the NPC team rejects it, do we get notified?

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Year 17 Day 145 16:07
Naomi Felian

Yes, because they will send you the reason why it got rejected. Same applied for custom images etc....

Year 17 Day 145 16:12
Thank you Naomi.
Another question (was going to edit it into my previous post, but saw the reply before doing so). I found this thread in which it is said that the distance between planet squares is 200Km, so that crossterraining takes one hour. I now see that crossterraining takes less than that, and the rules page doesn't give that information. What changes were made to the game since then? Is the ship/vehicle's speed considered now for crossterraining?



Year 17 Day 145 16:17
Naomi Felian

Movement is influenced by many factors and not just by some text like that which you posted.... also the 200km aren't up to date anymore, as there is no reference of that distance in the rules anymore. It's just a grid now and the time you need to cross from one to another is calculated from your skills, vehicles etc

Year 17 Day 145 17:05
Pretty sure that 200km it's still used to work out the time between. The time has always been calculated based on the speed of your ship or vehicle. Except I think for the one time when a bug caused everyone to take an hour to cross.


Year 17 Day 145 17:38
Thank you Ellias. I have seen that my current ship has speeds of 400 Km/h, but takes around 35 minutes to crossterrain. It's obvious to me the speed is not the only thing being considered.



Year 17 Day 145 17:45
Lexor Gregain

Like Naomi mentioned, your Piloting skill also matters.

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Year 17 Day 145 17:56
Deleted Post
Sanwene Tonkien
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Year 17 Day 146 7:36
Is the formula a secret? What is it?



Year 17 Day 146 7:43
If I'm not mistaken, each point adds 5% to your speed.

Character Skills


Year 17 Day 154 12:38
Is the stock exchange still not implemented?



Year 17 Day 154 12:40
Stocks can be bought and sold by players, there just no 'stock exchange' feature.

Year 17 Day 170 15:22
I've been reading this thread were someone suggested something that apparently won't be even considered. However, this was said:
I don't get the reason for this suggestion. There already is a way to gain xp while in hyper, keycards or doors. Use them. Why have another system to do exactly the same thing but just have a different name? Waste of time of you ask me when you can just use the existing systems.

- Jay Ceveri

Personally I just pretend (rp) that keycrafting is something else. Just rename your Crafting Kit to "Holo Trainer" and have at it :)

- Lexor Gregain

I've been thinking on the possibility of having a Dejarik board to "play" with an NPC. Lexor's suggestion makes for the crafting kit to be used as almost anything; take one and rename it "Dejarik Board". So here comes my question; is it possible to not just rename it, but to change its image for one of a dejarik board? This would mean to spend a few CPs. I think the rules makes this not possible, but I'd just ask about it anyway since the purpose may grant an exception.

Year 17 Day 170 15:44
Lexor Gregain

Heh, I was wondering that myself for a second, but seems it would go against the rules for custom images. Luckily for me, the Crafting Kit image already passes for a Hyper Bong. Ok, maybe not, but if I squint my eyes slightly and look at while throwing my hands in front of my face, I can definitely see it. I'm sure you can see a Dejarik board too if you try really, really hard.

Edit: Actually, maybe you can make a custom image of a Crafting Kit where the kit is more of a box, and it just happens to have the image of a Dejarik board printed on it.

Edited By: Lexor Gregain on Year 17 Day 170 16:00
Year 17 Day 170 17:42
I'm sure you can see a Dejarik board too if you try really, really hard.

- Lexor Gregain
LOL. Good one. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like a Dejarik board, even trying really hard. However, I may be able to request the creation of a custom item with an image of a dejarik board, and then simulate the game with the crafting kit. The resulting keycard would contain the "game results". It'd require both items, an NPC, and a little bit of imagination. That might be the best solution.



Year 17 Day 170 18:44
Lexor Gregain

Aye, and don't forget you can script a custom NPC, so while you're "playing Dejarik" (*crafting a keycard) you can have a conversation with the NPC and/or (depending on your dedication) actually script a form of the Dejarik game into the NPC.

Year 17 Day 170 18:48
If I request a dejarik board with this image, would it be accepted? I read the image requirements, and I'm unsure I can meet those standards.


Year 17 Day 170 21:03
Thali`a N`ightshade

Just try submitting it. If it is declined then your cp's are refunded. Or they used to me ..I know :P


photo ThalJDnew_zps74605fe0.png
Year 17 Day 171 1:45
It won't be. The image needs to match the item regardless of what you name it.


Year 17 Day 171 2:36
Lexor Gregain

He meant for that to be a custom item, Ellias.

Year 17 Day 171 5:04
That image is more than fine for a custom item. ANd no, we would not accept a dejarik board as a crafting kit image. Really, custom items just need to be scriptable in some simple way that would allow for dejarik or similar systems to exist.

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