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Year 7 Day 145 17:41
Ralic Feali

So I just boarded one of my space stations that I use as a prison station for the time being. I check the room events just for the hell of it and found that one of the guys on my station died, and no other events are there between me releasing him in the station, and him dieing. What happened? Are admin actually moving poeple from locations now or what?

[Year 7 Day 141, 5:45] Aiden Boddu died !
[Year 7 Day 131, 13:56] Aiden Boddu has been released by Ralic Feali.

Year 7 Day 146 0:32

After the three weeks they can choose to recreate or keep waiting, if I remember correctly. If it's been that long thats a possibility.


Year 7 Day 146 0:57
[Year 7 Day 141, 5:45] Aiden Boddu died !
[Year 7 Day 131, 13:56] Aiden Boddu has been released by Ralic Feali.

Seems like he was already unarrested so that isn't valid...


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 7 Day 146 2:43
Kyle Rainer


I can't even find the character in the database, unless I am not looking in the right spot which is likely at 2:40AM

Year 7 Day 146 2:45
Maybe he was inactive for 9 months and was lvl 1 so account with this character was deleted.


Governor Yoshi Hikaru
Governor of Pypin System
Year 7 Day 146 5:05

Where ther hell did you get that fron Yoshi?

accounts dont ever get deleted, no matter what.. and it certainly wouldn't day the char had died.

Kyle.. is there a used handle list? for dead people?

Year 7 Day 146 7:34
Eric Jackson

Yes they are, Ros. After about nine months, level 1 accounts are deleted.

For once, Yoshi is correct. :P


I won't go down in ashes without one final cry
Year 7 Day 146 11:36
Kyle Rainer

There is an oldHandle field which I also checked. So I think Yoshi was right. I'll prod someone more familiar with it than myself to confirm though.

Year 7 Day 146 11:51
Ralic Feali

Ok, would be nice if that was published somewehre or something then. Thanks for the answer though.

Year 7 Day 146 23:47
Kyle Rainer

Got the confirm from Khan that it sounds like the person was deleted for inactivity. So closing this now.