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Year 17 Day 119 9:57
Tholme Terik

Does anyone have an idea of the numbers of lightsabers out there? And in the future will FS be able to craft them?


Year 17 Day 119 17:34
Yes they will. Current numbers aren't known. I'd guess a few hundred? Could be more, could be fewer.



Year 17 Day 119 17:43
Well craft unlikely, but get them from a quest.


Year 17 Day 119 17:50
I can say there are at least 85, very likely more.

Year 17 Day 119 17:55
Tholme Terik

Quests is what I mean. Are those very high to get done on the "to do" list?


Year 17 Day 119 21:30
I happen to have one, and everyone I haven't yet used it on is on the 'to do' list. If there is a second application needed, I twist it carefully in their guts until the white hot light from my gleaming blade makes them scream bloody murder. Literally "bloody murder."

Just DM me with your approach, provide a week, and then and only then, will I bother Mikel about your Quest. Just being FS doesn't make you wise.

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I'm talking all that jazz
Year 17 Day 120 0:55
Ethan Travis

Is it me or someone is having too much sass.


''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''
Year 17 Day 120 5:03
No such thing as "bloody murder" with a lightsaber, since they cauterize wounds on contact, but I suppose someone who actually has and knows about lightsabers would know that. ;)


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Year 17 Day 12, 20:24 You have been released by Guinar Ndengin.

Year 17 Day 120 6:00
Based on the amount of FS that were around in the years back when construction was active...200-300 Lightsabers - of varying sizes, naturally - would be my guess. And it really is a guess, I've no concrete evidence at all of that.

As a non-FS, I also wish you the very best in luck in using it in combat against anybody that knows the basics of battle without killing yourself.

Here now Draelor, she could make a case for beating the man to death with the lightsaber hilt. That'd be pretty bloody. Though she kind of lost her chance when she started referring to 'white hot light' and 'gleaming blade'.

Year 17 Day 121 6:09
Are those very high to get done on the "to do" list? 

Yes, they're top of my scripting list, and Mikel's mostly delegated the project to me. I have people working on some writing content for it, and there's a lot of backend scripting to get the process working.

Unfortunately, my scripty-helpers are busier than I am with RL, etc., so it is slow going.

@Drae & Dante.
Esme said the victim would scream bloody murder. So she'll stab someone with a lightsabre, twist it until they scream "bloody murder". Like that bully-game where the victim has to say "Uncle".

Year 17 Day 134 19:17
Diabolus has them all. Ask him how many there are.