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Year 7 Day 146 2:57
Well, i reall not sure what kind of helps wanted but in someway, i am a good writer.Stories,backgrounds and other stuffs.I have some rewards in that area in realy life. And i have some photoshop skills. Also i am a moderator in a SW fansite and i can easily say that i believe my knowledge about Star Wars is enough for creating or writing descriptions.And nearly everynight i am online. So if you decide that i can be useful for you. Please contact me.

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Year 7 Day 149 12:56
You can always contribute by writing descriptions; this is open to anyone with some skill. There should be a link for every asset on the rules pages which lets you e-mail a description for that item (says [Submit Description]), and if it is accepted you receive a few CPs.



Year 7 Day 149 13:55
Bryce Armadala

How many do you normally get?

Year 7 Day 150 12:27
From when Keir was in charge of descriptions:

The amount of CP awards fluctuates...quite a bit. There's a minimum and a maximum for each type of thing, so you'll never get 1000 CPs for a planet description, and you'll never get 20 CPs for it either. They don't fluctuate based on how much I like you, heck I barely know most of you in here. They fluctuate mostly based simply on "Bah, I had to edit out all that crap about X-Wings being two-seaters, why doesn't he read...pfft, I'm deducting 50CPs for that". 

While not entirely up to date now, still a decent guideline.



Year 7 Day 152 15:59
That is the current system as well.

Mate, shoot me an e-mail at

Much appreciated.