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Year 17 Day 120 6:29

Hello and Happy Easter. I am just looking to get approved. I am actually excited to play this as I am a big Star Wars and RPG fan. Plus love to play DnD which this reminds me off. Plus it will be very cool to have a character in a Star Wars universe. I read on the Holocron that it can take a half a day or more to get approved. Probably because it's the weekend but just want to make sure I didn't get missed.

Thank you very much!

Year 17 Day 120 7:11
Naomi Felian

Be patient, you will get approved by the admins as soon as possible, requiring that there is no problem with your account like an IP conflict etc

Year 17 Day 121 5:19
I believe your original handle was denied, as I did not see your ID in the lst. Go ahead and submit a new handle.

Year 17 Day 122 8:28

I need to get approved

Year 17 Day 122 8:36
Naomi Felian

Then submit a name which fulfills the requirements and be patient as the Join Team checks it. Also there could be problems like an IP conflict as I already told you where the Admins need to investigate