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Year 17 Day 123 6:20
I may need to change Production Factions mid way through a production. How would I go about leaving Faction 1, and joining Faction 2, without any harm done to the production? Thanks for any help with this. Cheers!

Got It! Amazingly, I found the answer in the Rules!
Note to self: Look there first next time.

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Year 17 Day 123 8:07
Selfish Jax, not sharing what he learnt :P

While Production is in progress, there is no issue for the Operator hopping between factions. The only times the Production process checks the Operator for membership in a production faction are: 1) when the Operator hits the `start` button to begin retooling/production; and 2) each time production itself actually begins on a queueItem (whether a new queuedItem of the same type entity, or just after retooling has completed on a new type).

My usual rule of thumb for people who don't want to keep track of when production queues are turning over (moving on to the next queueItem) or retooling is to have them start up the production & add the queue, then assign Operator to an active member of the production faction.

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Year 17 Day 123 8:42
The issue is, Kay, that Faction 1 is closing, so I need to have the production to continue in Faction 2. If what I found in the rules is still correct, I would have to Pause, leave Faction 1, join Faction 2, and Restart the production. Is this still right?

And I shared what I learned...
Got It! Amazingly, I found the answer in the Rules!
Note to self: Look there first next time. ;)


Year 17 Day 123 9:12
Technicality accepted. You shared some of what you learnt. :P

See, that's Interesting case information to share. Doesn't happen every day, and I actually mis-read the meaning of "need to change production factions" as referring to You needing to hop rather than actually needing to ditch the old faction.

No, you shouldn't need to even do that, unless maybe -- You're making Items?

The "production begin" check (ie my #2 above) has already taken place. Money deducted from the faction, RMs consumed. There's no forthcoming check before production completes (iirc - been a bit since I last futzed with production testing edge cases). If it's anything but an Item, you already have the physical entity available to makeover to someone/faction other than the one that is closing. I'd just re-assign manager & op to the new faction / someone active in there (you or otherwise).

If it's an ITEM type, it still shouldn't care about Operator/Manager for the existing "in-progress" production. However, there's a slight possibility when it spawns after production completes it'll have the Owner as the closed Faction (there's some bugs i vaguely recall concerning that sort of thing, which may or may not have been fixed). To be safe, I would do as you outlined (More particularly: Pause, re-assign, hop, re-start).

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Year 17 Day 123 10:00
Awesome! Thanks Kay.

Changed factions, following Kay's advice, and everything looks good. The timer is still counting down, and the cogs are still spinnin' in the Ship Inventory. Thanks again, Kay!

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