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Year 7 Day 147 11:33
Hann Besthene

Do you have to return them anywhere when you're done?

Also, is it possible to actually go in the shop on Saigetopia? It always says that it can't hold any more passengers.

Year 7 Day 147 23:05
Aiden Cook

I can answer 1 part of your question

it is possible to enter a shop on Saigetopia its just that you might be waiting a long time either someone will leave the shop or someone will be deemed inactive and be removed from the game and hence leave the shop.

The admins are working on something to get people out of the shops

Year 7 Day 148 3:12
You can leave the vehicles where you like when you're done with them, after a little while they get returned to the NPC.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 148 9:12
Hann Besthene


Year 7 Day 148 13:57
Bryce Armadala

How long is "A little while"?

Year 7 Day 148 23:08
Aiden Cook

As long as you think a little is

Year 7 Day 149 6:16
Within 24 hours when the daily script for that sort of thing runs.


Kids these days!