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Year 17 Day 132 13:47
Echinsu Ocha

I'm in a mine with 12 dirt haulers.
Haulers are Krath dynasty owned
Pentastar commanded
Me supervisor
Mine is krath owned
Pentastar commanded
Me operator
In the mining process it tells me
=Only able to find 0 available workers (you asked for: 5). Workers in your party are not counted.
=An error occurred: Mine must have at least one Dirt Hauler assigned.

I tried all 12 haulers,5 haulers, and even just one.
Mine is powered.also, not that this matters,but the npc's won't even join party for some reason.
Any ideas?

Year 17 Day 132 13:55
Echinsu Ocha

I just bought my own NPC to try to work the mine, it works but the others don't. How do I make them idle,that could be it.idle means yellow square they sit in chair?

Edited By: Echinsu Ocha on Year 17 Day 132 13:59
Year 17 Day 132 21:08
Echinsu Ocha

I found a loophole. If I buy just one new NPC, and put only him to work, he automatically adds the others with him. Confirmed by percentages on inventory of NPC's.
Of course, this don't fix the original problem.