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Year 17 Day 132 19:06
Are quests operational yet? I noticed the Darkness Map which points out Quest planets

Year 17 Day 132 19:09
Good question. I was wondering that too.



Afraad Enterprises
Year 17 Day 132 20:55
Fritjof Blom

Quests will work when the journal works.

I am a mortal of course so this is only to the best of my non-admon knowledge.


Relevant video
Year 17 Day 132 21:22
Quests are not active currently. The flagship quest, lightsabers, is currently being worked on. Once that is done, other quests will come out.

Year 17 Day 133 15:00
The Journal works fine, as do the associated qvars and quest-functions in LISP.

Jev's right, the main scripting project that's currently being worked on has to do with Lightsabre crafting, but the first Quest to be released will be for everyone.
EDIT: Source: Me, I'm one of the script monkies (aka part of the NPC Team).

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Year 17 Day 133 15:07
Thali`a N`ightshade

iirc that map was devised by Ms Delcroix to help people identify which planets were safe to hunt on and to make it viewable as to their locations.

As they were already known as either Quest or Darkness then that is how they were labelled.


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