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Archives » How to find objects on a planet surface?
So, tomorrow, I am participating in a race on a planet. The shields will allow me to access, and I have been given these directions:

The rules are pretty straightforward. Land where you want on the planet, and get as many of the Keycards as you can in 7 days.
I have one request though. Originally the race was to be executed by another Legionnaire. I made the key cards over to him prematurely. Please track the two sets of coordinates where you pick up the Keycard.

I am new to SWC, and I have no idea how to even find these cards, let alone where to begin finding out the coordinates of the other keycards....

Could any one help please!?

Venari Haliat

Land on the surface and look.


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Lexor Gregain

Pro tip: Macro Binoculars

Edit: or a ship with good sensors.

Or, if you're in the same faction as the person who owns the keycards, they should show on the ground even outside sensor range. Just land, look for green dot, pick up (and write down coordinates?)

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Cait Catra

Don't all items show, regardless of IFF standing? I seem to recall seeing enemy-owned items outside of my scanner range not long ago. Still showed up as "Green" on the screen, and only when I actually scanned it did it show "Red" in the scanner results.

Jande Crowly

All items show, race started so hurry up :)

Land in surface, you will see item sign on your sensors, go to it, exit ship, pick it up/load it into ship, write location where you found it, back to ship, move to next keycard. Once there is no more keycards there, move to the boarder of that slab, cross terrain, do it all again.

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What do you mean "you will see an item sign on your sensors"

When you're flying around, you'll see a visual representation of the ground (ie a Map). On that map you'll see a highlighted portion, which represents your ship's sensors (and when you're on the surface of a planet not In a ship or vehicle, your own party's Vision). If there are any items within that highlighted portion (Commonly called your 'sensors' or 'sensor shadow'), they will show up as a little icon - it looks like a Valken rifle.

(see IFF Rules also)

Sometimes you'll see "signs" or icons beyond your sensor shadow, which is a result of IFF or sensor-sharing.

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Jande Crowly

Items show up no matter if they are in your sensors range, which is what Kay describes as highlighted/shadow like portion. So, to see those keycards, all you need to do is to check on your map for them. As for other things, like NPCs, droids, bandits and creatures, they need to be within you sensors range.

Thank you all very much! I hope I can find some :D haha