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Year 17 Day 138 10:23
Echinsu Ocha

My son wanted to play, since I've been since year 8. He logs on at school, new character, but uses CPM and forums from home.
I just registered his handle as a multi, as a precaution if he signs in from our other tablet.
My character has too much to loose. I know it's better if registered ,as to not making people wait a weekend if he buys something Friday night and transfers on monday.
So I figure I'll document here.
I have had experience with legal multi getting banned when my daughter and I played in year 8, and I lost quite a bit. I figure it was a mistake, but was better just to drop it, she was one Mad teen.I almost didn't start a new character then, but people needed art.
I will keep him off while home as best I can, but who really knows?

Year 17 Day 138 10:42
Saheen Tikeerleesh

Yes, I wanted to play ever since he started, so I decided to start one at school.

Year 17 Day 138 10:44
Saheen Tikeerleesh

A friend wanted to play also so I told him to register but put me down as a multi because I don't want to be banned.

Year 17 Day 138 10:57
Echinsu Ocha

I forgot about his friend. I assume all will be monitored. Pray for no mistakes.