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Year 17 Day 138 16:24
Aleczander Dragomir

I am building for a person,but the problem is when I'm trying to build starport this two things happened
:- An error occurred: You do not have permission to build that here.
:-An error occurred: You are not allowed to build this facility, either because your faction does not have the datacard, or the terrain prevents you.
The owner of the RMs is the person who asked me to build the starport.So anyone know how to overcome this problem?


Alec Dragomir
Year 17 Day 138 17:12
Are you in a trading or government fac4ion with the required privileges to build? Said faction also needs to have the rms in their inventoey and submit a build request.

Year 17 Day 138 17:39
Aleczander Dragomir

I in SYT Transport.Does the RMs need to be owned by my faction only then I can build it?


Alec Dragomir
Year 17 Day 138 18:19
I think owned by the faction or you as the builder, but making them over to the faction would be the best way to make sure it works.

Does the terrain you are building on support a starport and not one of the terrains that only allow 5x5 or smaller facilities?

Also, have you requested permission from the slab owner to build the starport for SYT as the owner?


Year 17 Day 138 19:02
Aleczander Dragomir

I am building on a gas giant and the owner had given me the necessary privileges but I still can't build the starport.


Alec Dragomir
Year 17 Day 138 19:10
Simkin Dragoneel


You are missing one or more of these conditions. Fulfill them all and building works fine.


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