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Archives » Faction Policies About Offworlders Coming to Hunt
One of the things some people go to do in real life is hunting. While on vacation, they may go visit another country to hunt on their fields. It's a practice that was done more frequently in the past.

My character is mostly a hunter right now, and he've been hunting mostly on his homeworld. Until now he have been hunting on his faction's worlds.

I'd like to know the different policies that factions have in place for such occurrences. If a character from another faction wants to go to one of your worlds to hunt, what he should do? What requirements should he have to meet? Or is hunting totally forbidden? What are the different policies that are in place?

I'm more interested to hear from Tresario Star Kingdom and Centrepointe Space Station, but would love to know about other factions.



Speaking as one of the more active hunters in the galaxy, you're taking a risk hunting on the surface of any planet that doesn't belong to a government you belong to. You can be arrested at any moment by anyone in the faction that runs that planet (and who has the right privileges), or by any police group (ie: mercenaries, bounty hunters) they've assigned to patrol their lands.

A much better option would be to hunt on one of the dozens of planets whose government is listed as Darkness or Quest. Those planets will not have anyone who can arrest you, and you're safe to hunt there, until combat is changed to equal the rules in place on Derra and Serroco, as in, PCs and their squads can shoot at each other. Right now, they're unable to do so except at those two planets.

Most governments frown on non-members visiting their planets for anything other than official business. Some go so far as to prohibit all non-member landings, except on specified "open" planets, and there aren't too many of those. There are occasional open Hunts, where non-members are invited to participate. The Aurodium Legion just concluded a week-long event on one of their planets. But it still required getting permission to pass through their shields.

My advice is to pick out a nice, wild, still-natural planet controlled by Darkness, and set up hunting there. Even a government that grants you permission to hunt on their soil might some day in the future have a change of heart, and decide to have you share your bounty with them, or else.



Thank you for your advise.



Ethan Travis

Yeah Darkness Worlds are the best choice when it comes to hunting - you can even meet other hunters in peace and not worry about getting killed.


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Crispin Sygnus

My personal recommendation for hunting is the Quest world Devaron (yes even over my own world, sad but true). It has diverse hunting lands (Grassland,Forest,Rivers, Etc.) and Is only a day or two away from Derra, if you're feeling dangerous




You can still get arrested on darkness worlds, but only on a person's ship corvette-class or higher (I believe). Also, some factions will permit you to hunt on their worlds if you're an ally, etc, but you can still be arrested by then faction types Belloq mentioned.

Don't those faction types need the permission of the planet's governor, though?


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