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Year 17 Day 163 13:59
Umbeck Traxer

My Faction has a Trading 2 Space Station in orbit of a planet, that was Under Construction (65%).
The workers were killed, or removed, or fired, or something years ago.
What do I need to do to get it resuming?
I need to add builders, but do I need to be a member of a Trading Faction to add builders?
Do I need to be a member and have proper privileges?
Do I need to make over the builders to a trading faction, and one that I need to be a member of?

I just don't know how many of the Begin Construction rules I need to follow if any.

Year 17 Day 163 17:05
I think you just need the builders in your entrance room of your ship and you will need spacestation construction privs in the faction that owns the station (if it is personally owned by you then no worries). I don't believe you need to be in the original faction type that was needed to begin construction to restart.


Year 17 Day 164 10:54
Simkin Dragoneel

At this time you cannot add builders to a station U.C. That has been broken for a long time.

File a support ticket, an ASim can help.


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Year 17 Day 166 13:58
Umbeck Traxer

Hahah, I'm sorry guys.

I remember now we went through all of this before, and I made a ticket and something happened and it was never resolved.

Should I make a new ticket? Can someone tell me what the old one said?

Year 17 Day 170 15:17
Umbeck Traxer

Well I made another ticket, but again it never gave me a ticket number so I have no way of checking on the status, just like last time.
Is there some trick I am missing? How to view tickets without a number that is never given?

Year 17 Day 170 16:52
Tickets are bugged and do not currently give numbers. You wll get it once your ticket receives a reply

Year 17 Day 171 7:26
Naomi Felian

Tickets have numbers and are working fine. You just don't receive an email when you create it, that's the only "bug" with it...