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Archives » Game Layout Displaying Issue
Year 17 Day 168 1:48
Uther Von Kaldreon

I recently noticed that the game no longer has the side bar links to right anymore and moved then down below to the left side of the screeen. I am using IE 8 here at work which cannot be upgraded. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix the layout display to get the side bar back to the right side of the screeen and the other info before hand while in members menu and others to normal again??? Trying to figure out if its the settings here combine wise or if its something with IE.

Year 17 Day 168 1:52
Naomi Felian

Definitely something with that old version of IE and maybe even a few settings your network admins enforce on your work desktops via GPOs

Year 17 Day 168 3:58
Uther Von Kaldreon

I got it fixed .... somehow the compatibility view was selected ... turned it off and it went back to normal ....... seems in that selection the website moves around the sidebar and other left/center/right view items to offset/staggered down the page.

Year 17 Day 168 4:53
Stephanie Barefoot

This could be a related issue that I just experienced, while trying to view the cargo container listings on the galactic market. The sidebar disappeared completely and ended up down below:


Year 17 Day 168 5:23
I get that all the time with items or droids that run in numbers above 100. And don't get to see the buy or bid button so losing out on potential deals.


Image hosted by
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Year 17 Day 168 5:58
Thali`a N`ightshade

Stephy there have been issues with cargo containers for months now. To the point where it is impossible to bid. I have bug reported it but nothing back so far. I tried different comps etc but it all looks the same. On asking others to try it, it was exactly the same...worse when you are actually inside the market than outside.

Unless yours just happens to be a coincidence of what Uther had and the problem I am having x


photo ThalJDnew_zps74605fe0.png
Year 17 Day 168 6:23
Stephanie Barefoot

Yeah, I have noticed it before Thali, and just forgot about it, but I have some dropped characters stuff on the ship I am flying and decided to see if it was on the market.

If you bugbased it hun, it will get fixed sometime. :)

Year 17 Day 169 0:42
Simkin Dragoneel

The problem is probably the same as other instances where this happens.

Something on that page doesn't exist anymore, and so it is screwing up the page. An ASim has to find out what item crate is bugged and delete it from the server. Same as when the LIN page was messed up in the market before.


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