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Year 17 Day 172 12:25
i am stuck in prakith as i cannot go into the spaceport and i don't own a ship.

Year 17 Day 172 12:30
Naomi Felian

Is there any error shown, why you can't enter the Starport? Who owns it? Are you directly besides it so you could enter it?

Year 17 Day 172 12:40
i go to "board" it and it does not come up. nothing comes up. it is owned by the empire. i was in the empire ( why i was there ) and i went offline for a while and now i'm stuck.

Year 17 Day 172 12:46
Naomi Felian

Then maybe you should get in contact with the Empire to allow you enter the Starport so you can at least leave the planet which is most likely shielded so pickup can be quite difficult for some people.

But it's in no means something where the admins would teleport you away actually as it's no bug or anything, just the Empire not having the Starport open to all.

Year 17 Day 172 12:46
ok. thanks for helping me.

Year 17 Day 172 16:52
Send a DM to Bill Maxwell for access.

Year 18 Day 71 3:27
How did you solve this issue? I've been exploring the city and learning the basics of the game and I realised that i cannot enter the Spaceport either and I'm currently part of the Galactic Empire.

Year 18 Day 71 5:32
I assume he got in touch with Bill Maxwell, a Moff with the Galactic Empire. You might want to try sending him a message as well.

Year 18 Day 72 9:00
If you're currently a part of the Empire then you should have an Academy tutor who can help you out. Check their forums or ask in their IRC channel.