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Archives » Hitting Abort and finding a hidden system
I was reading an old thread about hidden systems and Jesfa mentioned the possibility of randomly hitting abort and finding a system.

Is anyone aware of this ever happening? Finding a system by accident?

Yes, this is supposedly how ?????? from Black Sun found Iego. He was jumping from ?????? to ?????? and somehow ended up there when he aborted and also avoided death upon entering the system by aborting.
I am clearly missing a lot of the details such as where whoever was going and why not only were they in that extremely obscure area, but were traveling from a place to or from that extremely obscure area on a line that directly includes the hidden system.

Talk about coincidences. Should answer your question then?

Ethan Travis

Dying while aborting is like a very low chance as you would need to be directly on a sun or black hole square. I have been aborting like all the time, and nothing has happened much.


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Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

Ethan, you realize that aborting throws you into the system in a random location, correct? That's why having a higher piloting skill lowers your chance of coming out of hyper into a deadly object. Just because the percentage is already fairly low to begin with doesn't mean that it has never/will never happen.

But yes, while aborting can land you in a hidden system, it's extremely unlikely to happen. It'd be better to just hop from one grid to the next if you're wanting to do system hunting.

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Ethan Travis

Really? Still low chance to land in sun square! Like 1.5/(19X19)

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''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''
Don't listen to them Tazak. I think you have a good chance at finding a hidden system by aborting hyper. I suggest you you start right away, before all the hidden systems are found by someone else :)




Aborting from Hyperspace:

Piloting Skill = The appropriate piloting skill level that corresponds to the ship type that is being flown.
NumPlanets = Number of planets, suns, asteroids, moons, and comets in the system that you emerge at.
Rand = Random number between 0 and (300 + 20 * Piloting Skill).
Ship Destroyed = True if 4(NumPlanets) > rand.

- Movement: Aborting

Size of the planetary body has no bearing. It's just *number* of planets (see rules for everything being a 'planet')

So some systems are far more dangerous to abort hyperspace in than others.
Pyria has 15, so you're looking at
Ship Destroyed if rand 0 (300 + 20 * Skill) < 60.
At 0 skill, that's 60/300 = 20% chance of the equivalent of "sunning".
1 skill, 18.75%
2 : 17.6%
3 : 16.66%
4: 15.7%
5: 15%
AKA: best case you have a 3/4 chance of Not dying if you abort in Pyria.

Iridonia only has 2 "planets", so it's
8/300 = 2.6 % worst case, and 2% best case.

If I wanted to search for a hidden system I would do it properly.. I'm just asking because it sounds so unlikely..

hummm. its not wizardly...

i guess some systems were created hidden by the guys behind SWCombine.

but they are very scarce. to find them , you have to go to them 'in person' .and see if theres a sun there , maybe planet/asteroids.

otherwise, all 'deep space' locations are empty at first.

aborting hyperspace doesnt give u more chance to find one lol.

just more chance to get explode!

Umbeck Traxer

It was Jormungand Gand and I will always be bitter about it because I had 5 people systematically searching the entire sector from left to right using a synchronized googledoc spreadsheet and he happened across it accidentally when we were 10 days from getting it if it were in that sector due to process of elimination. Apparently the location was able to be seen by anyone because it was listed in the NPC shop list I believe, but the admins said he happened across it without any funny business. Still bitter, should have been mine. We were right there and coming for it.
Gand and his A-wing, I remember vividly when I came into the system.
It really is easier to systematically hop from point to point if you are looking to find a system of your own. Scope out a Sector that has no currently visible system. Could be one in there. Could also be one in a Sector that already has a system or two or more but my preference is for the nonsystem sectors that you can claim complete control over.

Victor O`Cuinn

Zann found vaxal that way. it was random luck that one of their pilots went to abort and boom, system.



Pravus Malum

I'm sure this is posted somewhere, I just wanted to voice my opinion on this. Personally, I have never died doing this. I have seen someone who has. Not very fun. You need to make sure your are not sunning' your self when you do this.

This leads to my saying it is not suggested to do so.




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Pravus Malum