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Archives » Girlfreind want to play too.
Year 17 Day 183 19:35
Rahuo Oslek

After watching me play for a while she wants to make her own account but I'm hesitant to let her and have tried explain to her that we would share an ip and I would get banned is there a way so we can both play?

Year 17 Day 183 19:39
Venari Haliat

Not play on the same IP I would imagine would be the easiest solution.


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
- Hamlet
Year 17 Day 183 19:41
Rahuo Oslek

we live together so that a bit difficult.

Year 17 Day 183 19:42
Lexor Gregain

Register as a multi-account. You can link in Settings.

Year 17 Day 183 19:42
Rahuo Oslek

ive seen the multicount registry but I want to make sure that's what its for before I try.

Year 17 Day 183 19:43
Rahuo Oslek

and I wont get banned in the time it take to make her handle?

Year 17 Day 183 19:48
Rahuo Oslek

Thank you I linked it!

Year 17 Day 183 20:00
Lexor Gregain

No problem. I hope we stopped your girlfriend from moving out. Shame on you, Venari!

Year 17 Day 183 23:04
For the record, yes, that is exactly what the registry is for. Now just make sure not to log into each other's accounts.

Year 17 Day 185 22:37

Is there any limit for multi accounts?

Let suppose I have a family of 7 people, father, mother, sister, brother, wife, me and 5 years old child(and yes he loves to move my ships and items around!). We all live in a very large house with only one IP and one PC(well yes we are very poor). And most important everyone in our family can not live without SWC, question, can we all play?

Year 17 Day 186 0:27
Sure, if that's legitimately the case, it's fine. But if accounts are being shared, which is usually the case in situations like that (given that it's pretty rare for that many people in a household to be interested in SWC), it's really easy to tell.