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Archives » So I need to clean out my ship...
Year 17 Day 184 22:20
Nirron Aran


So I've been away from the combine for a while, and I'm finally ready to get back in the game!

Part of my plan involves the use of a bulk freighter I have in my possession. Unfortunately, the cargo hold of my ship is filled with materials. This wouldn't be a problem, except most of the materials do not belong to me. The player that owns them is currently inactive, so I can't exactly return them...

I need to empty out these useless materials if I plan to use my ship for freight purposes, so if anyone can tell me the best way to go about doing that I would be very appreciative.

Year 17 Day 185 1:57
Find someone recycling a facility and see if you can load the RMs into there - I don't think RMs count when it checks to see if there is anything inside the facility to stop recycling.

Otherwise, maybe load into an NPC starport and sell to NPC market. Not sure if that deletes the RMs or not.


Year 17 Day 185 5:01
he can load into the starport, I doubt he can sell though since he does not own them. Also selling to NPC market does not delete entities, why do people think it does?

Year 17 Day 185 6:53
Because most of what people go to the NPC market to sell is Trophies, which apparently do delete.

Elias' method seems fine to try to get the RMs deleted. Probably just as much trouble as finding another bulk's worth of storage, since you'll have to ask for crewlist anyway. I suppose all the FI facilities can hold a tiny amount of RMs each, but if that is possible, it's kind of an irritation to all concerned.

Year 17 Day 185 11:24
Nirron Aran

Thanks, guys.

Guess I'd better get started knocking on doors...