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Year 17 Day 221 7:47
Eevo Vreka

Hello, so I was just wondering if at all there is a way to "bypass" or speed up wait time for respawn?
If there is not it would sure be nice maybe instead of 20 days, 10 days as replacement.


Year 17 Day 221 8:00
Lexor Gregain


Year 17 Day 221 8:46
As lexor said, there isn't. It helps prevent things like characters respawning and purchasing their old items off of the market as well as discourages the against-the-rules activity of respawning for a force reroll.

Edited By: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 17 Day 221 9:07
Year 17 Day 221 9:23
This is not the appropriate place to bypass the restriction on suggesting a decrease to the death timer in the Suggestions forum.

We won't be decreasing the timer. Perma-death is an element of the Combine that makes us somewhat unique and adds another layer of strategy and importance to your character's life. The death wait allows players to contemplate their next character, emphasizes the gravity of the life of a character, and ensures that players cannot immediately re-enter and affect the galactic situation that might have led to their demise.

Year 17 Day 221 10:22
Eevo Vreka

I see now. I am sorry! Though it makes sense more so now. So again sorry for the hastiness of my inpatients! Anything you guys could suggest to bypass time? Like hanging in the forums etc? Also is it Real Life 20 Days? Or is strictly generated on whatever time it is!?


Year 17 Day 221 10:47
Lexor Gregain

It's 21 days from the moment you drop/die, server time. Yes, real life days (I honestly don't know what else it could be, do you live on Mars or something?).

Hanging on IRC is a good way to pass the time.

Year 17 Day 221 10:58
Eevo Vreka

Was born & raised on Iridonia! Huh! Nah live on Earth last I checked!


Year 17 Day 221 12:35
Regarding Passing Time:

IRC, Forums, doing OOC Work for the Combine (working with Teams, descriptions or error hunting, art requests, etc.), RPing (not as your old character, but your New one), learning a real-life skill (e.g. programming), going outside and playing/walking/biking/etc., talking to a loved one, talking to a hated one, talking to strangers, accepting candy from strangers, running from would-be-kidnappers, giving statements to police, .... Wait, I passed 3 weeks a while back.

Year 17 Day 221 14:50
Eevo Vreka

I see the sarcasm. Huh. I get your point.


Year 17 Day 238 20:37
Eevo Vreka

So my respawn is 0,-9:10
How far until I actually respawn now?


Year 17 Day 239 12:29
Looks like 0 days 9 hours 10 minutes?

Year 17 Day 239 12:30
Deleted Post
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Year 17 Day 239 20:08
Drarak Naxu Uvroso

Thanks. Didn't even think about that.