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Year 17 Day 227 23:45
I've been here about a year. I never had to download anything
to use swc IRC...I just open Live Chat in a window (phone or PC) and use it. [[ OCC: I never use 'chat' outside of SWC except
FB Messenger ]]

Is there an app I should download to make using swc IRC 'better' or 'easier' to use? Or does it matter?


Year 17 Day 228 0:32
Rennek Cor
Rennek Cor
If you're happy with the way it currently works, you dont have to do anything, but there are IRC apps which are a bit more feature rich.

I use Textual on my mac, its clean, simple and reliable which ticks the boxes for me.


Year 17 Day 228 1:35
Thanks again, Rennek. ;)


~Jarneskeg Yrfeloran

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Year 17 Day 228 10:28
If you're on Windows and want a chat client, the default suggestion is to use mIRC, which has pretty much been the leader in the field for over a decade. There are plenty of other free clients too, like X-Chat, a pretty exhaustive listing of which can be found on Wikipedia.

Year 17 Day 228 19:54
AndroIRC and AndChat are both solid apps for Android with nearly identical functionality in their latest releases. Not sure what iPhone users are using; last I heard they timed out in the background.



Year 17 Day 228 20:40
I have an iPhone and I use Mutter. It to likes to time out when doing background stuff which makes it pretty useless. The problem is no one as of yet has found one that properly works for the iPhone.


Year 17 Day 228 20:57
The real problem is there's no way to make one work properly for the iPhone :p The way iPhone background services work (as far as I know when I was looking into doing iPhone development), they're only given 10 minutes of "background time". So, once an app goes into the background, it has a maximum of 10 minutes before the OS kills its process.

I personally use andchat. I always had issues with androirc and I felt its UI was a bit strange. I like the more traditional looking IRC client, though, which andchat fit the definition of when I was comparing the 2 years back.

Year 17 Day 229 2:01
Coleman Rendar
Coleman Rendar
I use HydraIRC on my laptop and andchat on my android phone