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Year 17 Day 241 8:38
Does the skill level of a Worker, Builder, Dirt Hauler NPC make any difference? They are all spawned with strength, speed and dodge. Does increasing these skills have any effect? Just curious.

Year 17 Day 241 9:36
Management does not affect anything for NPCs, as it's the PC's Management skill that matters.

Medical Skill matters for the NPCs involved in a Cybernetic Installation operation.

Strength and Dodge are related to Combat and will of course affect combat actions in the circumstances where those are possible.

Speed affects movement, so yes it does make a difference anytime the NPCs are moving.

Speed, Strength and Dodge also are integral skills as part of the A/E rules, and make a difference accordingly (along with the other related skills).

Year 17 Day 241 10:29
To be clear though, workers do not produce any faster, builders do no build any faster, and dirt haulers do not mine any faster because of any of their skills being higher.

Year 17 Day 243 18:39
Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. It is greatly appreciated.