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Year 17 Day 244 4:37
Fritjof Blom

When you abort hyper, how is sub light location determined?


Relevant video
Year 17 Day 244 4:40
Venari Haliat

Depends on the mood Ra is in at the time.


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Year 17 Day 244 5:41
Sable Sojo

It is random.

Year 17 Day 244 6:31
^ Yes, random. You have a 1/400 chance at popping out at any particular spot. I do not know for sure whether in a system with celestial objects (planets stars, etc.) if you have any chance of popping out on top of a planet or sun (notwithstanding passing the roll mentioned below).

The chance of hitting a celestial object in a system when aborting hyper is not the same random calcluation (ie Chance is not in fact = NumCObjects / 400):

Piloting Skill = The appropriate piloting skill level that corresponds to the ship type that is being flown.
NumPlanets = Number of planets, suns, asteroids, moons, and comets in the system that you emerge at. (I think this also includes black holes)
Rand = Random number between 0 and (300 + 20 * Piloting Skill).
Ship Destroyed = True if 4 * (NumPlanets) > rand.

Aborting Hyperspace

Year 17 Day 246 11:27
From my understanding, these rules apply to aborting into a 'populated' system. My very limited experience has been to use abort to exit into a DS location, to enable me to divert. It seems as if my calculations work, is this real or a coincidence?

Year 17 Day 246 15:40
How are you calculating your approximate position? If you are using pure triangles you have just been lucky.

Year 17 Day 247 9:10
I keep a note of where I am going from and too, work out the distance in relation to the grid reference, divide travel time by the squares. This 'gives' me a time for each square and from there it's time travelled divided by square travel time = how far I have travelled etc
Hope that reads well.


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Year 17 Day 247 11:59
Our travel does not work in the straight line approximations you are making, so thus far you have just been lucky.