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Archives » Error: This entity does not have a functioning Hyperdrive
Drarak Naxu Uvroso

Message Error for Hyper & Sublight travel


Lexor Gregain

What is the question?

Check the rules to make sure the ship you're using has a hyperdrive (the hyperspeed should be greater than 0). I'm not sure why you're getting that for sublight, though.


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Drarak Naxu Uvroso

Yeah I know ships got one bc I traveled to current destination. Would it have something to do with like 3-4 Cargo Containers labeled under ships tab!? I took a job where employer needed cargo containers transported but weirded because they fall under "Ships" tab


Dahn Vassic

If you're trying to fly the cargo containers then you're seeing that because cargo containers can't move at all.

If you've got cargo containers in your squadron, ie. You're flying in a ship and added cargo containers to your squadron in the hopes of just having them tag along, then you might get that message as well. If you're flying in a squadron, all of the ships have to have at least some sublight speed, and if you want to hyper, they'd have to have some hyper capability as well. Cargo containers have neither, unfortunately.

Drarak Naxu Uvroso

Ok thanks makes since. So how does one move cargo containers? Are they restricted to only transport aboard a ship?


I believe that is the case yes. They would need to be loaded onto a ship


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Yes, you move them like you do Satellites - that is, like ships you cannot pilot. A ship with a docking bay, sufficient space, and a tractor beam is required.

I think the smallest ship that can carry them is something like the MTC.


Simkin Dragoneel

No. The Corona can also be used to move them. With squadding, generic ships, etc.... the usefulness of the MTC isn't what it used to be years ago.

Edit:. Damn you autocorrect

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