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Year 17 Day 251 13:41
Sable Sojo

Is there a list of the npc fitouts somewhere?

Year 17 Day 251 13:54
personal NPC Inventory
Choose "manage fitouts" at the top left.

All your existing Tags can be assigned a corresponding fitout. You edit those by clicking on the tag name in the manage fitouts screen and then click-click (not click-drag) like you would for any equipment screen to mock up the fitout.

Likewise, Faction Inventory has the manage fitouts for Faction-owned NPC tags and those fitouts.

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Year 17 Day 251 14:58
Sable Sojo

Sorry, What I meant was Bandit Fitouts.. Is here a list?

While I'm on the subject.. Are some fitouts more rare than others? I don't recall the last time I saw a force detector on a bandit..

Year 17 Day 251 15:29
As far as I know there are no bandit fitout lists in the rules section. There are no rare fitouts as all fitouts have similar chances of occurring but some fitouts do have rare gear.

Rare gear meaning items that have been restricted by those that produce that specific item or items that can only be acquired through the bandit drops. Nightstingers, X-45 Sniper Rifles, Heavy Battle Armour/Helmets are examples of gear that are restricted but can be dropped by bandits while Force Detectors and Clone Trooper Armour/Helmets can only be acquired via bandit drops.

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Year 17 Day 251 15:40
Lexor Gregain

Here you go: Bandit Fitouts

Year 17 Day 251 16:28
Sable Sojo

Great, thanks everyone. There are the Force Detectors right at the bottom of the list.

Year 17 Day 252 7:12
Sable Sojo

Why is BARC trooper armour not in the mix?

Year 17 Day 252 8:11
BARC Trooper Armour/Helmet, Mandalorian Armour/Helmet and Republic Commando Armour/Helmet was given away during Red Scenario's or Admin events that occurred quite a few years ago I believe.
Only a few sets were given out/earned so they are extremely rare and the only way you can acquire them would be to purchase, kill or swindle them away from people that do own them...extremely unlikely.