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Year 17 Day 257 11:44
A staff is a type of Non-Projectile Weapon. You equip it, and can use it to engage in Combat in the circumstances on which you are permitted to engage in Combat (ie Serroco, Derra, and vs Bandits/Creatures elsewhere).

It's a weapon. You hit stuff with it.

Year 17 Day 257 14:08
Tal Dorn

Kay, Dalovan belongs with us and he is given instructions, but it seems we have a slight language barrier. We're trying, but he still seems to not be able to click onto or read the instructions given.

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Year 17 Day 257 18:47
Exanthium Kerensky

The staff are a group of volunteers that handle all the mundane tasks of keeping swc going so us mortals are able to enjoy our time in this galaxy.


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Year 17 Day 258 6:40
^ Just to be clear, it's not the sexy ninja... ^

Year 17 Day 258 9:48
Ethan Travis


''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''
Year 17 Day 258 20:58
No, Ethan. He was given a staff by his faction

A staff is a stick to help someone walk and/or used as a personal defense weapon. Basically, it is a large stick.


Year 17 Day 259 0:28
Ethan Travis

Ugh that is what I get for reading the middle section of the posts. But yeah staff is staff, you can apply so mo cool custom and be a wizard, or just RP with it, but other than that, you can poke stuff for some damage.


''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''