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Year 17 Day 259 4:42

Is it possible to recycle a city?. Decaying takes to long..



Year 17 Day 259 5:23

Empty cities (those with no facilities in them) can be recycled. The cost of recycling is one tenth of the city creation cost. To recycle a city, you must be in a recycling vehicle owned by the same recycling faction that owns the city. See the Recycling Rules for more details. 

Year 17 Day 261 21:45
Im currently in the Renew owned vehicle at the renew owned city and still i can t recycle the city... what is wrong??.


Year 17 Day 261 22:36
Thali`a N`ightshade

Are you in the recycling faction also?

The following conditions must be satisfied in order to be able to recycle:

The recycling entity must have recycling abilities (check relevant rules page);
The pilot of the recycling entity must be a member of a recycling faction;
The recycled entity is managed by the recycling faction;
The recycled entity must be unprotected, unless the entity is a HQ.

- recycling rules


photo ThalJDnew_zps74605fe0.png
Year 17 Day 261 23:34
You were accepted as a member of the Renew.

You have sent Renew the following 1 city:
- City V 7-5 (ID# 102192)
Reason: Recycling

You have sent Renew the following 1 ship:
- GRZ-6B Wrecker Seth Nasty-Blasty Destroyers 2 (ID# 149828)
Reason: Recycling

ID# 102192
V 7-5
Owner: Renew
Administrator: Renew
Chief Commissioner: Anax Noctru



Year 17 Day 262 5:55
I've looked through the code and there's nothing to permit a city to be recycled, only decay.

The rules likely reference:
A) An old implementation that was removed in favor of decay
B) An old implementation that was broken and thus removed in favor of attempting to fix it
C) An idea someone had for city recycling that was added to the rules but not coded, like how we've had 3-4 different R&D sets of rules despite no R&D if I recall properly over my time in SWC.

Year 17 Day 262 7:34
Thx!.. need to wait 3 months :(