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Year 17 Day 263 1:37
I just formed a squad with 6 creatures:

Quizzer (0.5 slot)
Eye Snatcher (1 slot)
Gizka (1 slot)
Slash Rat (1 slot)
Vornskr (4 slots)
Kintan Strider (4 slots)

BUT the squad details says 6 of 12?

So my question is do slots apply in a squad?

Is this a bug? A planned difference? or something that is known & will be adjusted pre-squad combat?


photo Sign3_zpsho1qchr5.png
Year 17 Day 263 2:01
If you can add a creature with 1 slot or more then it is a bug. If it doesn't then only the visual guide of party size should be updated.


Year 17 Day 263 8:16
Lexor Gregain

Just a visual bug. It counts number of people/droids/creatures instead of total party slot. If you make a full squad of K-4 droids for example, it says 16/12.

Year 17 Day 263 13:52
Yes I confirmed that I could not add another member to that party as the slot count is 11.5. So should this be listed as a bug? Albeit just a grammatical one?


photo Sign3_zpsho1qchr5.png
Year 17 Day 263 14:12
Yeah it counts as a bug. Intended functionality is Clarity: should display CurrentSlotsOccupied / TotalSlots

Year 17 Day 263 16:12
Simkin Dragoneel

Like Kay said.

BB it category"Party and Squads". Priority "tweak".

Then we can make Ted fix it.... muahahahahhh


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