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Archives » Need approval for client-side app request
Hi all,

I requested this a few days ago and it appears to still be pending in the Web Services page. Would someone be able to review and approve for me so that I can setup my oauth flow and begin development with the api?



I believe you need to talk to either Olwin or Ted. Also maybe DM selatos and get access to the Web Services forum if you don't have it, as they sort of collaborate regarding most of that stuff over there.

How often does Selatos check his DM's? Still have not heard from him. Owen and Ted both do not have access to grant app requests or access to those Webservice forums.

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In my experience, Selatos responds to DMs over the weekends as he tends to be fairly busy during the week.

Does Webservice forum access also grant access to viewing the documentation of each endpoint? For example, clicking into any of the methods in the 1.0 api yields an error like:

Access denied for user 'PHPScripts'@'%' to database 'cstr_DB_TESTING'Slim_Exception_Stop thrown within the Slim exception handler. Message: Access denied for user 'PHPScripts'@'%' to database 'cstr_DB_TESTING' on line 93 in /swcombine/htdocs/code/libs/server21/database/


That page doesn't exactly work at the moment I don't believe. There's a general list of the available APIs and some of the information they provide here:

A great, there's a bit more info there (like params and method type and url). Thats pretty much whst i was wanting to see. Thanks!

Now to just get the app request approved when Selatos is available, and I'll be good to go.


Just wanted to bump this, as its still needed. Coming into the 3rd weekend since requesting the app token. I have not heard from Selatos.