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Archives » Items remain after selling to market
Bambl Cata

Just sold some stuff for raw value to the NPC market and while the trophies disappeared, all the weapons and other items were still sitting in the ground with NPC market as the owner. This intended? I could have picked up all the items and continued using them.

weapons and items are put up on the market for other people to buy. So they would not normally be destroyed, and you also did not likely get any credits for them and would have to wait for someone to buy them before you get your credits.

Bambl Cata

This is with the the "sell to market" option in inventory, where you get the raw credit price for each item. I received creds but the items remained on the ground in the market facility. In the past they have always disappeared, which still happened with the creature trophies this time, just not weapons and clothing etc.

I don't think Anything sold on the NPC Market is on consignment, Jevon. You get the credits right away based on the RMP and your trade skill, and the NPC Market keeps whatever profit (less the Commission/etc. per the Rules) comes from higher bids when it sells.

I recall a bug once regarding NPC Owner claiming, and reselling items to the Market repeatedly. It was fixed, but being able to just pick up the items from the market you sold them at and go use them seems like it shouldn't be intended. Especially since if you sell those same items at a SHOP, you'll get the same/similar (<-not sure about "same") amount of credits and the item will go Poof.

Seems like a good Suggested Change if not a Bug Bug. Buggehty Bug. I said ah Bug Bug Buggehty Bug.

Bambl Cata

It was at a commerce centre. Whenever I've done it in the past the items just disappear and I got my creds. Just seems odd the non-trophy items no longer disappear.

Bambl Cata

Hmmm so the non-trophy items are showing in the public market but I definitely got creds for them.

You have received 53,313 credits from the Market with the following message:
Sale of the following assets: Vacuum Survival Backpack Vacuum Survival Backpack, Tool Belt Tool Belt, Camouflage Scout Helmet Camouflage Scout Helmet, LJ-90 BlasTech LJ-90 BlasTech, DD6 DD6, A295 A295, CVI Rotating Heavy Cannon CVI Rotating Heavy Cannon, Relby K-23 Relby K-23, Relby K-23 Relby K-23 1, Relby K-23 Relby K-23 2, Relby K-23 Relby K-23 3, Physallis Berry Physallis Berry, Physallis Berry Physallis Berry, Physallis Berry Physallis Berry, Physallis Berry Physallis Berry, Physallis Berry Physallis Berry, Droid Parts Droid Parts. 

So if you go to an NPC shop you can sell items for their raw material value?

I'm sure in the past selling random items at a trading station destroyed then but I could be mistaken.

Edited By: Bambl Cata on Year 17 Day 268 11:03
Simkin Dragoneel

There seems to be some confusion here.

1. Non-Trophy items stay when they are sold to the NPC market. The amount you get for them is: ((2 * (RMP / Batch))-((0.02 * (2 * (RMP / Batch)))+((0.2 - 0.04 * TradeSkill) * ((2 * (RMP / Batch))) * Condition - Debt. Whatever they sell for on the market doesn't matter to the seller, 5% goes to the owner of the market where the winning bid is placed, that is all.

2. Trophy items are destroyed when sold in NPC markets.

3. Selling to a NPC Shop gets you: P=0.64(1+0.05D)PRM/B

E.g. selling to the NPC Market gets you more money. The shop is only good for selling items you don't own.

4. Let's be honest here, neither of these will get you anywhere close what you could sell whatever the hell it is to other players.

Yeah, I know what you mean Kay, but at the same time, you really can't make any real money from the NPC market so who really cares?


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Bambl Cata

Hmmm so you could sell to the NPC market, take the items to an NPC shop and sell again?

No, since the items, once sold, should already be owned by the market.

From what has been said I assume what Bambl is saying is that he sold non-trophy items to the NPC Market through a Commerce Center, he received the credits for selling them and the sold items are owned by the NPC Market like usual but can still be interacted with.

He then asked if it would be against the rules to pick up the sold items, take them to an NPC Shop and sell them again since you are able to sell owned items to a shop regardless of who owned them. Would that be correct, Bambl?

pfft Real money. Bug's a Bug. Exploit's an Exploit.

Dol's right, if you have physical access to the items, the Shop will buy them from you regardless of owner. I am uncertain whether this includes the special "Market Owner" type.

I'll be doing some testing in this regard and on other similar market issues (hopefully today). Please stand by and add in any further pertinent information in this thread or the relevant bug reports.

Bambl Cata

I didn't know you could sell items at a shop, so yes this would be an exploit that probably needs fixing.

Lexor Gregain

Yes, this horrible exploit must be fixed immediately before everyone becomes a billionaire from selling keycards twice!

On a serious note, please just get rid of the option to sell items to the NPC Market. There's no point in all this junk still existing, owned by the NPC Market, but freely carried by anyone. Or make it so all items are destroyed upon selling, just like in the NPC Shop.

Bambl Cata

Fair shout in my opinion, when people die and their items normally go to the NPC market, they can just become claimable and exist with an NPC owner. Ships etc. can go to the NPC market.

Edited By: Bambl Cata on Year 17 Day 269 9:58
The "NPC Market" owner was created for, among other things, prevention of Claiming the items already sold to the market. So... no, claiming of NPC Market stuff wont' work.

Short version from my testing is that yes, you can sell NPC Market-owned items to the Shop. You can pick em up use em, etc..

"get rid of the option to sell items to the NPC Market."
This seems easiest, but is somewhat more inconvenient than hopping onto a ubiquitous T2 and selling.

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 17 Day 269 10:22
Lexor Gregain

Imo, yes, items sold to NPC Market should just be destroyed. Items from dead people should go to NPC Owner (if nobody else is assigned) and be claimable.

Personally, I would say that getting rid of the option to sell stuff that's listed on the NPC market to a shop would be the easiest solution.

I like the ability to purchase items from the market, even if I don't ever get my hands on the item itself, simply to be able to say that I have ownership of this, that or the other hard-to-find item.

What's the rationale for being able to sell items you don't own to the Shop?