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Year 17 Day 270 13:07
Regarding Skills for those in my Party (not a Squad), let me use an example to hopefully skip misunderstandings.

Me: Let's say I have a Skill Level of 2 for all skills.
Joe: Joe has Level 3 Perception and Level 3 Speed and Level 3 Medical.
Droid: Droid has Level 0 Perception and Level 0 Speed and Level 0 Medical.

So, we're going along together as a party on the ground (not in a ship). We all remain in the same spot.


1) Do we perceive at Level 0, 2, or 3?

2) Do we have a collective speed of 0, 2, or 3?

3) I assume that since I'm applying the Medication, it is my Medical skill that counts?

4) I'm guessing I see what Joe sees at Perception 3. Is this correct? If so, is it better to put Macrobinoculars on him than me?


Okay, now we split up into different spots. Let's say Joe and I both have MSPs equipped. Obviously, droids can't be equipped.

5) I assume it's correct that we both need to have MSPs directly in Utility slots #1 or 2 to share vision, correct? Or will we share vision by simply being in the same party?

6) Let's say instead of being a party, we were a squad. Same question(s) as #5 for a squad here.

7) Now that we're in different spots, assuming we're sufficiently far apart such that our vision isn't overlapping (or nearly so), I assume it would be helpful for both Joe and I to not only have MSPs but Macrobinoculars as well, right?

Any other help here would be appreciated. Sometimes I can't figure out why I am seeing (or not seeing) what I am seeing (or not seeing).

Thanks in advance for your help.

Year 17 Day 270 13:28
Follow on questions (similar to the initial ones):

9) If Joe is in my party (and present with me) with Management 3 (and mine is 2), does Management 3 get used--or 2?

10) If Joe is in my party (and present with me) with Diplomacy/Trading 3 (and mine is 2), does Diplomacy/Trading 3 get used--or 2?

11) If Joe is in my party (and present with me) with Stealth 3 (and mine is 2), does Stealth 3 get used--or 2?

Year 17 Day 270 14:00
I can at least tell you that management & medical skill are based on you, speed is based on slowest member of the party, and I can only assume stealth is based on lowest score as well. I cannot think trading/diplomacy has any real use where having an NPC with it would do anything.

As far as perception goes:
Characters and NPCs using their vision (perception skill) and equipped with a Multiple Sensor Pack, Energy Sensor Pack, or Biological Sensor Pack item are able to share sensors with ships, vehicles, space stations, facilities or other characters equipped with any of these sensor packs.

- Le Rules

Sounds like it will use your own perception unless you and the npc with the greater perception has scanners equipped. The rest of your questions are more or less answered by that interpretation, in that you only see what you can see yourself, unless the scanner is letting you see other people's vision. Then macros on both of you would help in being separated, being in the same party is irrelevant.

Year 17 Day 270 20:42
Very helpful. It seems like ideally I would equip my "best perception" NPC with an MSP...and have one myself. That way I'd share the "best perception" NPC's view...which presumably would be better than mine.

Follow-on questions:
1) Is there anywhere in the Rules that perhaps I missed which defines whether it is me or the worst (or best) NPC in my party? (The inconsistencies are reasonable, but it just seems like they should be in the Rules or otherwise generally propagated perhaps in Sim News or something...?)

2) The Rules you quoted are excellent, but they have always confused me as well, because I don't know how to equip a ship or vehicle with an MSP. Any help here would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jevon. As always, very direct and helpful.

Thomas Kolbe

Year 17 Day 270 22:06
Hoping to receive answers to my above/new Follow-on questions still.

In the meantime though, I descended to Open Ground to see how this plays out once-and-for-all.

Here are the results of my vision tests--using just Joe and me.
Assume my Perception is P. Joe's is a bit better than mine: P+1. [Don't want to publicly tell what my P is for semi-obvious reasons.]

Yes, I realize all of this is directly out of the Rules. But worth 5 minutes to save others future problems out there:

Test 1: Me by myself with no Macrobinoculars and no MSP. Joe has no equipment and is on my ship. Turns out my vision is P+3.

Test 2: Me by myself with no Macrobinoculars but an MSP. Joe is still on the ship. Turns out I still see P+3, and surprisingly, my ship does not seem to share with me. Then again, I still don't know how to install an MSP in my ship...? Help. :)
Also, is it true that MSPs transmit to the ship's cockpit...but the ship's scanners don't return the favor?

Test 3: Me by myself with Macrobinoculars but no MSP (though it seems from #2 it wouldn't matter?). Joe has no equipment and is on my ship. Turns out my vision is (P+3)+5 [from MacroBinoculars].

Test 4: Joe is outside unequipped. I am in my ship's cockpit. I can only see my ship's range.

Test 5: Joe is outside with Macrobinoculars alone. Again, I can only see my ship's range.

***Test 6 --> P+9! : Joe is outside with Macrobinoculars and a Multiple Sensor Pack equipped. Booya! Inside my cockpit, I see Joe's vision: ((P+1) +3[Joe's vision]) + 5 [from Macrobinoculars]

Test 7: Now, I'm outside with Macrobinoculars and a Multiple Sensor Pack. Joe is in same spot as me but equipped with nothing. He doesn't help. My vision is still (like Test 3 above) (P+3)+5=P+8

Test 8: Again, outside with Joe. This time I have nothing equipped, but Joe has both Macrobinoculars and a Multiple Sensor Pack. His vision is probably great, but he hasn't shared it with me since I have no MSP to receive. My vision is only P+3 as in Test 1 above.

***Test 9 --> P+9! : Same as #6, but this time, I've also equipped a Multiple Sensor Pack. Booya. Like Test 6 above, I see what Joe sees: ((P+1) +3[Joe's vision]) +5 [from Macrobinoculars]

So, basically, the best case outside of the ship is to put Macrobinoculars and an MSP on your "Best-Perception-NPC." Also equip an MSP on yourself or be in your Cockpit.

If there are cases I haven't considered that would be helpful--please add them to this forum post--along with the results. Also, if somebody has time to Confirm my results above, it would be greatly appreciated. (Pretty sleepy.)

Year 17 Day 273 10:14
Combat and RP aside, it seems to me--but please correct me if I'm wrong--that NPCs in your party do *not* help you in any (utilitarian) way. They can only harm you (in speed or stealth).

That is, you don't get their Medical skill, their Trading skill (in a Market), their Perception (without MSPs being used), their strength (to avoid A&E), their Crafting/Slicing (to help you break/build locks), Management (for improved Construction times, etc.), or their Piloting (to make you faster).

Correct thus far?

In other words, future-use aside, at the moment they primarily help in Combat and RP alone, right?

Thanks as always to Jevon.

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Year 17 Day 273 11:13
Year 17 Day 274 16:49
Ditto on my previous thanks to Jevon.