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Archives » Unable to move in my ship
Year 17 Day 276 9:24
Dahm Johnson

On day 271 I was hunting and was crossing terrain. When my timer was up I was still in the same square as I started. Since then I have not been able to asend, travel within the square I'm in via ship, or cross terrain. However I can walk around. I have submitted a support ticket shortly after this happened with no response or fix. My question is their someone I can directly dm to help me get this fixed.

Year 17 Day 276 10:14
Venari Haliat

Dahm, that sucks. Lol. I would just wait until one of them posts here.


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Year 17 Day 276 10:40
DM Erek or Syn directly, include the IDs of the ships you were on, there is a tool they can use to unstick ships stuck crossing terrain.

Year 17 Day 276 10:43
Dahm Johnson

Thank you Mikel I will message them and hopefully be on my way soon

Year 17 Day 276 10:54
Chul Ryrs

"Is the parking brake still on?"


Chul Ryrs
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