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Year 17 Day 278 19:46
I logged in and was confused to see my location listed as "Onboard the YT-2000" with no arrival counter. Checked my room location and found myself in the cockpit.

Switched to the ship controls. The hyperspace graphic is showing, but no arrival time in the top counter.

I own the ship. Nobody else is aboard and I'm not under arrest.

Just no arrival counter.

Did something change? I didn't notice any sim news.


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Year 17 Day 278 23:58
Simkin Dragoneel

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Year 17 Day 279 18:17
Weird. It seems to be fixed.

Java scripts are enabled, but I changed no privacy settings on Chrome. Can't imagine they were ever disabled.

Even though this seems to have resolved itself, do you want that I should submit a ticket so it can be investigated?


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Year 17 Day 279 18:59
Seems like a glitch that wouldn't really be worth investigating.

Year 17 Day 279 19:31
Alright. But don't blame me if everyone is suddenly trapped in hyperspace; forced to eternally subsist on nothing but key cards.


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