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Archives » Room description wildcards
Year 17 Day 281 0:24
Years ago we where able to add wildcards in the room descriptions.
This allowed passengers onboard to view the location, eta and more of such usefull information.

In #SWC-Help I learned this feature is completely removed due to new NPC scripting. My question is now; Is there a chance some easy wildcard codes can be made again for the room descriptions, or that we can use the more difficult LISP coding for that?

I really miss the wildcards, because now passengers seem to be in a darkroom with no information at all. I'd like to add some windows to view outside. :)


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Year 17 Day 285 2:20
I think the new NPC code for things like that should work. It did last time I checked.


Year 17 Day 285 7:24
AFAIK not for Room descriptions, Ellias. I just tried editing a room descrip with SWC-LISP versions of swc wildcards and it didn't parse it. Is there a character or something that signifies the start of Code?

Year 17 Day 285 8:28
There's no code currently that would allow the room descriptions to use wildcards.

Year 17 Day 285 10:51
Thank you for your answers.


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