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Year 17 Day 311 17:27
I'm curious as to where I would take a submission request to implement a Faction Armor as the Falleen Federation and Hapes Consortium did with their custom items. Additionally I can understand that the image would have to meet the same standards as a Custom Image submission, however, what other requirements are needed to create the item in a manner that is Faction Specific and capable of production?

I've attempted to locate where I could obtain this information and failed, then again I am a bit tired and may have overlooked it. If that is the case I apologize.

Also I should make mention that the Armor I am submitting isn't just for a small mercenary band but an actual Government Faction's Military/Police Force so it has an IC reason for existence.

Your assistance is most appreciated.


Year 17 Day 311 20:13
Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

Faction specific entities were implemented long ago. As well, entity suggestions in general are against the suggestion forum rules which is where this inquiry should have been posted. Your best bet is to wait for R&D (whenever that's released) and creating it then through the R&D system.


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Year 17 Day 312 6:06
I believe the next best thing is to use a Faction Custom for the Battle Armour and Tac Helm DC items, and just name it appropriately when producing.

You upload a new Custom Image for a specific DC, specify it as Faction, and then when starting up production, you choose that image. I don't entirely recall the requirements for it to show up in the dropdown. Maybe just that your faction is manager of the facility the DC is assigned to.