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Year 17 Day 361 22:50
I noticed that neither TF Market nor Centrepoint breakout datacard rentals by type. They're all just group together under a single heading.

Is there a SWC-side reason for this? Is there something about datacards that makes them hard to categorize?


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Year 17 Day 362 7:15
"Datacard" is a type, and there are no subtypes to it for automatic categorization, unlike Ship and CR-90 or Item and Vibroblade. As I believe both TFM and Centrepoint would use the Web API as much as possible, I think the reason is 'human nature' aka path of least resistance. They'd have to set up sub-categories for posters to choose in order to properly select the entity.

So like... DC -> Select Entity Type -> Select SubType

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 17 Day 362 7:16
Year 18 Day 1 14:08
As for the TF market we also have the Datacards listed under each factions individual shop. Reasoning being each faction leader manages their own DC assignments and we are running between 3 or more people for Das to be assigned.