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Year 17 Day 365 5:28
Hi,I am new to the Combine (even though I have had the account for a while), so I am sorry if this seems stupid, I amsure I'm just missing something. I am currently in the city, Reecee HQ, where I spawned when I joined the Aurodium Legion, however I have left the faction as I want to join another one. I am unable to get into either the Government House or the spaceport, I walk next to them as the instructions say but when I click board I get the message:

You are standing within a city. You can board any adjacent entities.

There are no locations where you can board.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any help, and apologies if I'm missing something really obvious.

Year 17 Day 365 5:39
For entities (such as ships, vehicles, and facilities), there are three different levels of access.

  1. Open To: All: means that anyone can board the entity.
  2. Open To: Crewlist and Faction: means that anyone in the faction owning the entity or assigned to the crewlist of that specific entity can board it.
  3. Open To: Crewlist: means that only those people or factions assigned to that specific entity's crewlist can board it.

More than likely, the facilities you are attempting to enter are set to either crewlist or crewlist/faction access and this is why you are unable to enter them. The only way to regain access is to rejoin the faction (Aurodium Legion) or contact them directly regarding it. Since they are a large government, I am sure that they would have no issue with helping you out!

For reference, Dorn Zeke is their leader and Hondo Maximus is their second-in-command. You might also try one of their Recruitment Liaisons: Sob Conners, Troy Yoyort, or Dru Snotz.


Year 17 Day 365 12:40
Thanks, I'll get on to the faction about it.