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Archives » how did the market price of some stations changed ?

i remember looong time ago, i used to sell stations, and now it seems they are Worth muuch cheaper...

its weird... like i paid all costs to build a shipyard 1 several months ago, and it costed around 40 millions credits...

then i cant even sell it around those prices... i see the market average is as low as 20 millions,, i dont get how

SY1's haven't been priced at 40 million credits since mid Year 15 (CPM Y18). They've been selling in the 20-25 million credit range since then, with a few exceptions. If you outsourced having one built for you, the builders needed to profit as well and you overpaid for the service. If you built it yourself, you likely vastly overpaid for the raw materials.

Either way, you spent far too much to build a single SY1.

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Recently Sold Shipyard I", http://market.centrepointstation.com/browse.php?status=2&type=5&id=26, Retrieved 18.006


Wow, yea. If you paid 40 mil to build an SY1 you spent 2-3x as much as you should have. My calc's come up with 16mil as a cost for rms/prod fees. Someone saw you coming, either in rm costs or charges for doing the work for you.

thanks folkz, yes its a bit weird... the rms alone costed 30 millions.

maybe its a calculation mistake from the company i used or whatever..

as you say Tomas O' Cuin, indeed, i remember at that time too ( year 15 and below ), i sold several shipyards 1 for 50 millions each.

it was the market average. anyways i have to relook again how i overpaid RMS.




well indeed my rms provider, nothing is wrong with the prices....

its the varium's expensiveness who really brings everything high up to 30 m credits to produce a single shipyard

unless other companies sell varium eally cheap .. its supose to Worth more

Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

Sounds like your RM provider is ripping you off as the others have stated. You need to start shopping around.


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Yep, to me the RM cost is just under 11mil.

my rms provider isnt ripping me off... lol... its their prices from their faction info page.....

they always been reputated....

unless ure all using a company which is more popular/actual than the one i know....

I calculate a SY1 as costing ~5 million in raw materials, using Gree's at-cost pricing. Any company charging you 6x of extraction prices is ripping you off.


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