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Year 18 Day 14 20:11

just curious I found this site amongst comments on swtor site and sounded interesting . I registered on this current mail and went with character name Dmitrius Wolf , it was denied
I bounced around different names to current choice .. did I foul things up by going through a few different names ? I had waited 2 days after 2nd choice and didn't get approved . so I m at my 3rd choice and figured post at this point

current name choice is Merek Slinger

thank you

Edited By: 235821 on Year 18 Day 14 20:12
Year 18 Day 14 21:48
I declined Dmitrius Wolf because, although it meets our rules, I thought it was likely to cause confusion with an existing character's name.

I think Merek Slinger is acceptable and would approve it, but you appear to share an IP address with another account, which means one of our asims will need to take a look at it, which may cause a short delay.

Sorry that you are having to wait, but we hope you understand that we do this to have higher quality names in game for the benefit of everyone.

Year 18 Day 15 14:14

not a problem
I did get approved today with my current choice and my wife signed up as well which I think I have to go into options and set it to multiple account if she decides to play there wasn't a character registered under that 2 email

thank you

Year 18 Day 40 21:00

i submitted a handle for a name and realized it was angainst your rules now im trying to submit Bailreece Mayz for approval how long will this take

Year 18 Day 40 21:17
As long as it takes for the join team to review the handle, which generally happens before a member of the join team checks this forum (meaning it's already been done). Although you do need to register as a multi with your friend/family member/the individual sharing your connection that surely isn't you, so make sure you both add each other in your account settings to avoid being banned.



Year 18 Day 104 14:41

Hi so I will be needing help with everything, but 1st does signing up take long and is this game an active game?

Year 18 Day 104 22:13
No, signing up doesn't take very long at all. And as far as active, we have over 2400 players that logged in today.

Year 18 Day 105 14:11

sweet, so I was going for a name but it was denied:( its the waiting that takes a while isnĀ“t it

Year 18 Day 105 16:22
If you are having trouble getting a name approved, join Chat (top right) and ask in #swc-help. Most of the people in that room will be able to approve handles and can give you tips on how to make one that will be accepted.


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