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Archives » Adding custom Items to NPC gear
Year 18 Day 18 2:42

my question is about custom items. I would like to make a special gear for one of my NPCs, which would consist custom items. However, I did not find any possibilities to add them to the gear. How does it work? Can I do it?

Year 18 Day 18 5:50
You cannot add custom items to NPC gear.

Year 18 Day 18 6:20
Jic Uiji

NPC control?


Jic Uiji

merry christmas
Year 18 Day 18 8:12
Your only option is custom images for gear the NPC can wear. Look for existing items that fit in the desired slots and more-or-less look like what you want the special gear to be. But yeah talk to the Art Monkies about what you have in mind and they'll point you to the right 'existing entities' to apply customs to.

Year 18 Day 19 14:44
Kyran Caelius

You can do it through NPC control!

Control (right side category)
NPC Control
Click your NPC
Drag Click and drop items to NPC slots

I have NPCs with Custom outfits. :)

Edited By: Kyran Caelius on Year 18 Day 20 13:52

Year 18 Day 19 15:11
Oh that's awesome. Thanks Kyran for the clarification.

Year 18 Day 20 6:52
Thank you!

Year 18 Day 23 15:37
Don't feel bad, Kay, I forget that page exists all the time for individual NPC equipping.