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Year 18 Day 32 8:31
Exanthium Kerensky

Since I'm the current owner/leader of an information faction, Im wondering if when posting a GNS article if PowerPoint would be a good enough media format that would work well enough with SWC needs and standards?

I understand that most people are accepting to others and give constructive criticism while there are others that never seem to give anything but ridicule at what others try to accomplish.
This is the way of the galaxy we live in ... hence why I'm asking this question since I'm trying to put together my 1st GNS posting.


Year 18 Day 32 8:58
So how are you going to use powerpoint in relation to a GNS? I am lost as to the implementation of the two here

Year 18 Day 32 9:08
Exanthium Kerensky

I'm wondering if PowerPoint is usable as a medium if you can link it like we do with pictures ... or am I thinking wrong?


Year 18 Day 32 9:43
Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

You wouldn't be able to embed the PowerPoint presentation if that's what you mean. You might be able to add a link to it so players can download it, but chances are that very few if any players would take the time to download it.


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Year 18 Day 32 10:20
Jic Uiji

If you can't do it in a forum post, you probably can't do it in a GNS.


Jic Uiji

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Year 18 Day 32 11:02
Exanthium Kerensky

Okay, well I guess it's back to the drawing board as it were.

I'm trying for a different look in my factions postings .. something like a newspaper would look like. Maybe just do a word document on a special template would work.

We'll see when I start getting ripped apart by those that don't know how to use criticism in a constructive manner.


Year 18 Day 32 13:50
Last time I checked Powerpoint, you could save a slide as an image, maybe a gif, jpg, or png. The was Powerpoint 2007. I think it still should be able to do it.



Year 18 Day 32 14:06
Exanthium, it would still require people to download the file - html does not usually understand the special formatting of word docs. So you are stuck doing the same thing everyone else does.

Year 18 Day 32 18:16
Exanthium Kerensky

Okay understood.

Another question if I may ..

When posting to GNS, is it specifically required that you be in an actual Capital Ship or just a ship that requires that specific skill set?


Year 18 Day 32 20:08
Capital is anything from Corvette up

Year 18 Day 33 0:24


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