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Year 18 Day 36 19:43
In the past, new items introduced through movies were gradually added over the years as the art team and admins had time to work on those.

In more recent years, new items have usually been shuffled off to some future R&D system.

However, it looks like Disney intends to dramatically increase the rate at which new objects are added to the Star Wars universe over the next few years. In the last two movie alone, we've seen several new droids, blasters, ships, a new class of walker and a whole new set of totally awesome Death Trooper armor.

That doesn't include shows like Star Wars: Rebels which have also introduced quite a number of new things.

I'm curious as to how this stuff will be handled as R&D is still some ways off in the future. Obviously, CP could be used to handle ships, droids and vehicles.

I apologize if I am out of line in asking, but can we expect to see any of these items in the near future or will this be left entirely to R&D.

Also, I apologize if this has already been asked or answered and I missed it.


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Year 18 Day 37 5:55
As the last implementation of R&D I understood included the fact that epople could add anything they wanted, I do not see why the team itself would necessarily be required to add these things at the current moment.

Year 18 Day 37 12:42
Carth Falte

I understood that as well from what I've heard.

My only wonder about it all would be: How far along is the new R&D system?

I think the Combine would do well in having admins and developers be more open about their progress on things, if only small things updates on how far things are along. I know the combine has only a small development team so maybe an automatic changes list like Github uses would be the solution so that the development team doesn't have to spend a lot of time on telling us what they made, what they changed and how far along any such new feature is.


Year 18 Day 37 12:48
Carth Falte

Also to add to this...

Yes I am aware of this page

But it lacks any up to date information.
Even the development targets tab is 2 years behind.

More communication, more concrete answers and less vagueness would help with these questions more than answering them one by one whenever someone asks them.


Year 18 Day 37 12:56
The game is run by volunteers. Unfortunately we don't make income or any sort of profit off of running the game and are largely bound to our real life jobs and situations meaning that giving any time frame for when something will be released is more or less impossible. It could be today, it could be in a month it could be more than 2 more years from now. I don't believe R&D is currently a priority at this point, but selatos would be the only one that could comment on that with absolute certainty. Another thing to consider is the amount of back end cleanup that's been done over the last 2 years. We might not have many visual changes or features added, but the back end code has been reworked in many places to allow for easier extension or our code.

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Year 18 Day 37 14:36
Carth Falte

Fair enough, however you seem to have misunderstood my point. Timeframes is not what I ask, more up to date information of where the combines stands on it's current W.I.P features. Information such as..

How far is it completed?
How many issues are still in the new feature?
Can the community do anything to help out to improve said new feature or even write code for it?
Which new feature is currently a priority of the developers?

Just a bit more straight forward communication, that's all.


Year 18 Day 37 14:46
Back in 2009/2010 I had found over 500 viable ships (images+stats) for R&D. There were also hundreds of viable vehicles, items, weapons and droids. Disney adding more canon entities wont impact the totals very much and shouldn't affect the R&D system in the least.


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Year 18 Day 37 15:12
Carth, I'd say that only a few of those questions are answerable. The first one (How far is it completed) is largely loaded and is a pretty bad measurement in general. If the devs say it's 90% completed and then have to redo everything because of a huge design flaw that's found late in development, they're sort of screwed in the players' eyes. Same goes with the how many issues question. That's not exactly information that's needed by the general player base nor information that'll actually provide us with any idea of when or if the feature is coming.

The best thing that probably could (and possibly will/has) be done is priority of features. I recall a sim news a few months back being posted about the currently development status of Combine proper, but I might be mistaken.

As for community help, you can join the dev team. To do this, you need to write a demo project which can be found in the Programmer's forum under General. It gives the basic idea of what you need to do.

Year 18 Day 37 17:27
Year 18 Day 37 17:46
Carth Falte

That is made back in 2015 for 2016 Q1... We are currently in 2017 Q1.

Also slight note on those target lists.

Can the road map stop being made from scratch every time and actually show the whole map?

Example... Roadmap 2015 Q4 shows info like Inventory X and DM 2.0 yet Roadmap 2016 Q1 lack them. If they are canceled just make them red, if they are put on the wayside, just keep them in that list. It makes for a messy bit of info honestly if future features are put in a roadmap at will.

Links for Reference:


Year 18 Day 37 19:31
There was no intent to start an argument.

And, it seems the answer is actually quite clear and entirely understandable.

The various teams would rather work on R&D than chase specific items. That seems reasonable.


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