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Year 18 Day 38 10:59
Sebastian von Nex

I just noticed that for the past few days i've been taking Atmosphere Damage twice everyday. Example given below.

14 Year 18 Day 37, 23:00 Your character lost XX HPs (5%) (Planet Atmosphere Damage)
15 Year 18 Day 37, 23:00 Your character lost XX HPs (5%) (Planet Atmosphere Damage)

This actually seemed a bit strange to me, so i wanted to ask if this is normal, and if it is wouldn't it be more logical to just make one even that does 10% damage at a time, instead of two that do 5%?


Year 18 Day 38 11:11
Might, yeah. From the Rules I don't see how 10% damage is possible. Can you confirm whether you're actually getting the full 10% damage from your HP log?

Seems like either a bug report (duplicate events or etc.) or a Rules Update is in order.

Year 18 Day 38 11:15
Sebastian von Nex

Of course, there you go.

3 Year 18 Day 37, 23:00 -XX Planet Atmosphere Damage
4 Year 18 Day 37, 23:00 -XX Planet Atmosphere Damage

Year 18 Day 38 12:07
http://bugs.swcombine.com/view.php?id=4224 Looks like it's already reported.

I assume the planet you're on is a 5% damage planet per the Rules? IE: It's supposed to do 5% damage, not 10%? If so, go ahead and add a note to that Bug report confirming you have the same issue.

Year 18 Day 38 13:10

It would do 10% in one event if it were a 10% planet. Two events looks like two ticks were performed. I've found the cause and fixed it for today.


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Year 18 Day 38 13:18
Sebastian von Nex

Alright, thank you Selatos and Kay.


Year 18 Day 38 15:09
Why can't FI ever double tick?! *eyeshift*



Year 18 Day 38 22:22
We have big enough problems getting FI to single tick